Date: 1st October 2013 at 11:13am
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Saturday against Spurs was most definitely a game of two halves and I agree with Jose that Spurs were better than us in the first half but not by much and we pretty much battered them in the second half and should have won the game as the odds in soccer betting at Sportsbook would have pointed to. But then we hadn’t factored in that berk Mike Dean who ruined what looked likely to be a cracking finish by sending off Torres. A disgraceful decision in our view.

When all is said and done a point off a rival away from home is no disgrace, and that second half performance was one of our best of the season, largely due to the introduction of Juan Mata.

Our guest this week is Jonathan Kydd actor and voice-over artiste extraordinaire, but most important of all a life-long Chelsea supporter! We discuss the draw against Spurs, the win against Swindon, and we also award our match day awards for the Spurs game – The Fannies – for Man of the Match; Chant of the Match; Guinness and Celery Moments. And of course to wrap up we’ve got more stats from Chelsea Chadder and all the latest Chelsea supporter related news.

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10 responses to “Done by Dean! The Chelsea Football FanCast #257”

  1. frank says:

    torres should have been sent off earlier, you would then have been down to 10 men and we would have won. so blinkered its unreal

  2. Micky Droy says:

    It amazes me how much a fan can be deluded and the truth distorted in his mind to the extent that he really believes what he is writing.

    I watched the game on Saturday and as soon as I read the writers view of how the game went I stopped reading the article.

    In reality Spurs were all over Chelsea in the first half with the occasional threat from Chelsea. In the second half Chelsea got on top for about half an hour but Spurs still had parts of the second half where they were a threat especially the last fifteen minutes.

    As for Torres I have to say that it was his best performance for a long while but I have never seen him so pumped up and he looked totally out of character with some of his tackles. To say he didn’t deserve to be sent off is ridiculous. The gouging of Vertonghen’s face was not much better than Suarez’s bite and deserved to go just for that.

  3. JimB says:

    If Dean had sent Torres off when he should have, at 1-0, then there is a good chance that Chelsea would have lost.

    You should be thanking Dean for your team’s good fortune.

  4. Gary fox says:

    How the hell was the draw the result of Deans refereeing? Torres could have been booked earlier for diving… Townsend rightly was. He then got a booking for his snidey trip crom behind. Then the ref and assistant missed a straight red offence. The final booking was for the violent intent of jumping into a player with no attempt at getting the ball. It wasnt for the actual contact. But if there was no contact why was Torres clutching his head when he landed. Vertonghen could have got Torres sent off after the scratching if he had ‘done a Drogba’ and rolled about like a jessie. So Maureen should shut up and

    concentrate on his failures as a manager……leaving Mata on the bench until almost too late….buying Willian….shipping Lukako

  5. Alan says:

    This is the most biased piece of rubbish I have ever read.

    “Spurs were better than us in the first half but not by much”

    I take it you didn’t watch the first half then?

    Yes you were better in the 2nd half but instead of bashing Dean you should be thanking him as Dean should have been sent off when the scoreline was 1-0. You may not be aware but scratching someone’s face is a sending off.

    I will not be voting for you for the 2013 blogging awards and I wouldn’t hold my breath on anyone else doing either.

  6. stu says:

    Chelski have the worst support I have ever come across. Quiet as a mouse both at the bridge and away from home until their team score then a burst of noise then quiet again. Embarrassing. Buy up all the players in the world then let them rot yet still can’t finish consistently above clubs like Man U and Arsenal who do it properly. Cole, Terry, Torres, ballbags. I can’t think of one positive about this club that are the most despised team in the UK. Genuinely trying……nope, nothing.

  7. SP says:

    As tohers have said Re Torres.
    Not to mention Ramirez being let off a straight yellow for blasting the ball away, being let off a couple of hefty challenges and then being let off for his high boot that was deemed an offence as a free-kick was awarded, just not worthy of a card, even though other times, other teams, other places this type of infraction has earned a straight red.
    Yeah, boo hoo, we would ‘really’ have won if it wasn’t for the ref. Seems like Chelsea fans, as well as taking Maureen’s usual deflecting tactics on board are also inventing reasons why they haven’t won every single game, so far, as they were expecting when Maureen returned.

  8. Pete borota says:

    Stu, you are desperate when you have to give a big up to a team that hasn’t won a trophy for 8 years.

    Gary, at no point does he scratch him. He pulls at his face but what camera of the 50 at the ground showed and marks? None!
    so he got sent off for intent to make contact and yet didn’t make contact. He was holding his head because Vertonghen’s arm hit it on the way down!

    As one of you fans so accurately put it “the reason why Jan was holding his head and rolling around was because the ball hit him in the head!” Couldn’t make it up.

    At least none of our managers were done for kerb crawling!

  9. Gary fox says:

    and none of our players have been done for racist abuse. flashing at schoolgirls in the park, beating up a cabbie or drunkenly abusing Americans the day after 9/11.
    All the cameras showed the scratch and the marks afterwards… it only an offence if you draw blood? You must use Wengers spectacles. And if you knew the laws of the game you would know that a player can be cautioned for violent intent. If you go in two footed off the ground for example its a straight red for reckless play whether contact is made with the other player. Torres wasnt looking at the ball when he jumped into Vertonghen and the ref judged it as violent conduct. No contact is necessary. Its harsh but understandable. As Torres had avoided a yellow for sarcastically applauding the ref in an earlier decision plus got a yellow for tripping I would keep very very quiet if I was you about how unlucky he was. Oh…..and watch Ivanovic hold down Dembele in a pre-planned set pece move before Terry score. And question why Ivanovic was still on the park after the tugging back paulinhos shirt as he went for a tap in from soldados cross in the first half. Or why Ramires wasnt booked…see above. Dean was useless on Saturday and you should be bloody grateful. Maybe like Halsey he has had a free holiday on Romans yacht.

  10. stu says:

    Not bigging up Spurs – just pointing out that Chelski are a nasty club without any redeeming features. If you think of one let me know. Thanks.