Date: 7th March 2017 at 10:49pm
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Stamford Chidge is joined by Jonathan Kydd, Clayton Beerman and the ‘Girl Who Likes Balls’ – Alex Churchill to discuss last night’s win against West Ham and to look forward to the Quarter-Final against Man Utd next Monday.

On the show tonight we discuss how combating the aerial threat led to another big 3 points with the pressure on.

In part two we ask have rumours of ’s demise been exaggerated and why on earth are people giving Costa – who has now scored 17 goals – stick? Something about unsuccessful touches apparently – probably more to do with keyboard warriors’ fumbling’s with women.

In part three, we move the emails up a part because we have so many and they are absolutely fantastic this week. We’ve got emails from Paul Hay on chants; Roy Stennings on his incredible history supporting Chelsea; Ross Parke’s homage to the back three and Harrison Leggo pleading with the support to sing something other than Antonioooo.

In part four we have a look ahead to next Monday’s FA Cup Quarter-Final against Man Utd.