Date: 14th April 2018 at 9:50pm
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In his debut for the Fancast, @vfactor07 provides his verdict on ’s current situation.

Chelsea’s results have been woeful since the start of 2018 and winning the FA cup may not save our season. Where has it all gone wrong? Who is to blame? The board, Conte or the players? These questions keep on circulating game after game. And everyone has different answers when the truth is that its all of them.

We are a team in transition, and it’s evident we miss leadership in that dressing room. Whenever we go a goal down, the heads drop, and we sit back and invite pressure only to lose our advantage. And this has been the case since the start of 2018.Conte has his hands in the pocket and makes no substitutions, whereas the players on the pitch look around for something magical to happen, but in reality, things go from bad to worse.

Although the FA Cup remains the only silverware in our grasp, the damage has long been done. I have always admired Conte’s attitude and demeanour on the touchline until earlier this season, but now things are becoming toxic day by day. He isn’t the same passionate man we once knew. All we can hope now is for the season to end as fast as possible.

The summer following the world cup is critical for Chelsea. We need to secure the futures of Hazard and Courtois a and avoid losing any more assets especially as the window is an opportunity to rebuild the squad. Furthermore, as noticed by many fans, we need a technical director, who has proper football knowledge and can help to link the board and head coach/manager efficiently. To build a Chelsea for the future we will have to stop the hire and fire and stick to a head coach/manager who is given proper backing and time to instil his methods/philosophy and bring through our youth as well.

Unfortunately, we can’t buy leadership in the transfer market, and for that, the current players in our team need to hold themselves accountable to develop that quality within themselves. All talent and no desire and vision will hurt in the long run and for that this issue needs to be addressed as quickly as possible.

All we want to see is a team full of leaders who will battle it out until the end and not put their heads down after small setbacks on the pitch. But we as fans must also be patient and understand that teams in transition take time to win the big competitions. So, let’s hope that the summer will be the time for that ‘Blue transition’ and next season we get back on track. Until then let’s continue backing our beloved Chelsea and hope that we win the FA Cup and also the remaining games of the season. Up the Chels. KTBFFH!

Written by Vinay Dhareshwar – @vfactor07