Date: 27th September 2018 at 7:34pm
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Following his heroics at Liverpool, in his latest article for the Fancast, Simon Phillips praises .

I woke up this morning once again to another debate on social media over who is the best footballer in the world. A debate that I’ve always preferred to stay clear of.

’s Belgian genius had just single-handedly knocked Liverpool out of the League Cup with one of the best goals you’ll ever witness, and the debate was reignited.

‘Hazard isn’t just the best in England; he’s the best in the World’ was written via some fans and pundits alike. But there was one man, who by this time, would have been quietly back at his home, enjoying the moment with his family. That man, of course, the goal scorer himself, Eden Hazard.

You see, Eden is a humble man. He is a man who puts his family first, and then enjoys his second biggest passion that also happens to be his career, football. He’s not concerned about being told that he’s the best player in the world, and he’s certainly not concerned with winning the Balon d’Or.

No, Eden is more than happy just playing the sport he loves and achieving his personal goals – which is to play well and win trophies with his team.

To be honest, it seems fashionable to debate who is the best player around. Is it Lionel Messi? Is it Cristiano Ronaldo? Is it Eden Hazard? Well, Hazard will just be humbled even to be mentioned in the same breath as those two, and he certainly isn’t the kind of hipster player who would even want to get involved with such online trends.

He’s happy with just getting a fresh, clean haircut; he doesn’t need several colours in his hair. He doesn’t need to be dancing around in videos or ceaselessly posting selfies. Hazard is happy to stay out of the limelight and quietly do his bit to display his public appreciation to his supporters.

It’s refreshing in football to see exemplary behaviour from a man who is just happy doing his job. He’s always the one to go over to his fans and throw his shirt to them, always honest in interviews, and always plays with a smile on his face – despite what outsiders are saying about him. He’s the joker of the pack, someone you look at and can see that he’s genuinely enjoying what he does, appreciating what he’s got, and being the humble family man, we have all taken on as one of our own.
Hazard sign the damn deal, please.

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