Date: 22nd May 2019 at 9:34pm
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Whilst it kind of felt like scraping the barrel when I wrote the top 5 moments of the season piece, which you can read here, there has been plenty of painful moments this year.

Lets try and whittle them down to just five!

5- Substitution for Chelsea- replacing Azpilicueta, is !

Trailing 2-0 at home to (the worst ever version of) Manchester United in Cup, Sarri had ten minutes and one substitution left to try and get back into the game.

His master plan? Right back for a right back.

This infuriated the crowd and for many, was the straw that broke the camels back. For them there was no going back for Sarri.

4) Injuries! Our Achilles heel.

This is two moments rolled into one, but the loss of and Ruben Loftus-Cheek to serious Achilles injuries has really clouded their break through seasons at Stamford Bridge.

The game in which Loftus-Cheek did his, probably deserves its own listing, but space is limited.

For both youngsters to miss their first European final is heartbreaking, but hopefully the wait won’t be as long for them for the next one.

3) I’m Kepa and I call the shots!

The farcical moments during our defeat to Manchester City was quite frankly embarrassing.

With Sarri believing Kepa was injured, he got his Willy out on the touchline, ready to make the change.

Kepa refused to leave the field and Sarri almost left the stadium.

To give some credit to the situation, it was handled well by the club, Sarri and Kepa, and a moment that could’ve defined our season was brushed under the carpet pretty swiftly.

However at the time, it was like watching your dad sing karaoke, badly.

2- We’ve been Eti-had!

Last season, Antonio took his Chelsea side to Manchester City with clear instructions to lose by 1 goal maximum.

Players sat on the 18 yard box refusing to close down the City players, letting them play ball.

Sarri took his Chelsea side to Manchester City and told them to play their way.

By the 25th minute, we were 4-0 down.

A humiliating 6-0 defeat left many, myself included, wondering how on earth Sarri could keep his job.

For many, it was the worst defeat and performance by any Chelsea side in the era.

And I agree with them.

1) It’s just not Chelsea

The toxic between Chelsea’s match going support and the manager is undoubtedly the lowest point of this season.

Its gone so far, that Chelsea supporters aren’t acting like Chelsea supporters.

We’ve always supported our players, even the bad ones.

Players like Fernando Torres, who struggled during his time at Stamford Bridge, was afforded nothing but support as he struggled to find the net.

However the toxicity between supporters and manager meant that Jorginho, widely regarded as “Sarri’s boy” was boo’d by the Stamford Bridge crowd.

That for me, is the lowest of the low, and, it’s just not Chelsea.

What are your thoughts?

Something I missed?

Let me know!