Date:17th October 2019 at 11:08pm
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In our first episode of the Chelsea Special, Stamford Chidge interviews Martin King whose idea the Chelsea Special podcasts was and discusses his experiences as Chelsea supporter for over fifty years and writing the biography with Martin Knight, of Peter Osgood, the King of Stamford Bridge.

Martin King first went to see a football match in the early 1960s at White Hart Lane. Immediately hooked, he soon became an avid Chelsea fan.

Like so many of Martin’s generation, he followed Chelsea across the country; a time when hooliganism was rife and taking “ends” was the order of the day. Following Chelsea throughout the 60s, 70s and 80s was a way of life, a religion, underpinned by the camaraderie which unites those who were there then to this day.

Martin is the author of ‘Hoolifan’, ‘Hoolifan 2’ and co-author with Martin Knight of the biography of Peter Osgood – ‘Ossie: The King of Stamford Bridge’. As a Chelsea supporter Martin has been there, seen and done it all. His knowledge of Chelsea supporters and Chelsea over the last 50 plus years is unparalleled, as anyone who has read his books on Chelsea will know.