Date: 11th May 2020 at 11:16pm
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Stamford Chidge is joined by Jonathan Kydd and Clayton Beerman to ask what would have happened if we’d played Liverpool at the weekend; what now for Stamford Bridge and a look back at the 1974-75 season in our ’50 Years of Chelsea’ series.

On the show tonight, with Chelsea scheduled to play Liverpool at the weekend in an alternate reality, we ponder how it might have gone, with presumably Liverpool about to be crowned Champions. Also, a couple of emails have come in about the redevelopment of Stamford Bridge, or not. Seeing as we are discussing the era when the East stand was redeveloped at much cost, financial and otherwise, it seems pertinent to discuss the modern plight.

In parts two and three we continue our ’50 Years of Chelsea’ series looking back at the 1974-75 season. The doom and gloom continue as Chelsea, having dispensed with their best players, start poorly, culminating in Dave Sexton, our most successful manager at that point being sacked. Things don’t really improve and it all boils down to a relegation decider at White Hart Lane. What could possibly go wrong? But amidst all the desolation is there a glimmer of hope with Eddie McCreadie’s Blue & White Army?

In part four we wrap up with your emails.