Date: 28th July 2020 at 7:43am
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Dear Chidge and Jonathan,

How are we gents? Well, I hope.

I haven’t emailed into the show for a while now and thought it was about time, I got back in touch with you guys.

Firstly, I wanted to say how amazing it was that you started the 50 years of Chelsea. I believe the last episode covered 83-84? As a child of the 90’s I’m eagerly awaiting the episodes covering that period.

I wanted to start off on a positive. Billy Gilmour being nominated for player of the season in premier league 2, I’m sure we can all agree a talented player who’s career we shall all watch intently over the next couple of seasons.

I’ve heard mention on the last couple episodes who are Chelsea player of the season would be, for me its Mason Mount. For such a young age he has shown such skill and hard work. He is also the first player to press the opposition and the team feed off of that. The goals and assists. Also, the ability to play as a number 10 or wide player and you can tell he loves the club and what a free kick against Wolves, plus the fact that I am from Portsmouth like Mason may also have something to do with it, sorry Chidge.

Now a couple of shows ago after we beat Man City, I believe Clayton was on the show and you guys were talking about the media love in and biased towards Liverpool, I wanted to ask why is that? I mean I hate Liverpool and spurs and united and quite frankly anyone who isn’t Chelsea.

Maybe I’m being ignorant and naive but why does the media have such a thing for Liverpool? No matter what way you watch football BBC, sky, BT or even ESPN there is always a pundit with Liverpool ties.

Then I had a lightbulb moment when you guys were talking about it, do you recall our super cup final against Liverpool back in August in Istanbul? Now I remember it being reported by BBC sport that before the game Mo Salah was playing football with a local charity focused on local children at one half of the pitch. But a football pitch has two halves and the BBC failed to mention that down the other half Azpilicueta was doing the exact same thing and the only way I saw it reported was by Chelsea football club itself.

So, gents I simply ask what is it with the media and Liverpool?

I really didn’t want to bring up the Liverpool game but I suppose I should talk about our 5-3 defeat at Anfield, which I’m sure you’ve covered in the show.

We were quite clearly in control early on into the game and before the match I was confident that we could beat them. But soon as the first goal went in, it was as if we just opened the flood gates. It’s funny how a game with the two most expensive goalkeepers in world and 8 goals were scored.

A player I would like to talk about is Kepa, here’s a stat for you Kepa has now conceded 8% of all premier league goals conceded by Chelsea, now for a player that has been at the club for just two seasons that is quite an achievement.

Something I found quite shocking during the match was at one point did you hear our players screaming “KEPA KEPA KEPA” hoping he would catch it as the ball was floating over our 6 yard box and he just watched it go over? Doesn’t fill me with confidence that our defenders have confidence in him.

I wanted to mention Alexander Arnold’s free kick, yes I know it was a fantastic free kick and I’m not saying he should of saved it but he could of at least of attempted a save, he was too far over on his right side of goal.

Alexander Arnold is right footed the free kick spot was on the right side of the D so we know he is going top right, so Kepa’s left side.

Kepa got his positioning wrong and looked like a deer stuck in headlights, sadly not the only goal he has just watched go in.

Can we just admit it? He isn’t up to the level that we need him to be, I appreciate our defenders are not great either, I do. But can we just finally stop saying things like “De Gea struggled when he first came to the premier league” De Gea is 6 foot 5, Kepa is 6 foot 1 to small and doesn’t command his area. Another one “yeah but he’s young” he is 25, 26 in under 3 months time, Cech was 21 when we signed him.

Hard decisions need to be made in the summer and the club may have to take a financial loss but we will not win premier league with Kepa in goal. I really hate being so down about one of our players because I respect every player who has worn a Chelsea shirt, apart from Higuain.

With rumours about Havertz at 90 million, surely we can splash out on a goalie. Players Like Pope who I said we should have signed in January. Henderson who wants to be number 1 at a big club. Onana at Ajax or even get Cech out of retirement.

I hope I’m not coming across as to simplistic because I know it’s not FIFA 20 and we can’t just go out and sign anyone. It’s the real world, but we have issues in the defence and the goalkeeper position is a key part of that. The club may have to lose a bit of face and pride in admitting that we spent too much on the wrong player. There’s a reason why Real Madrid didn’t go through with signing Kepa and I fear we are paying the price for Madrid’s prudence.

A positive to the game were the changes Frank made to the front three Pulisic, Tammy and Callum all coming on and actually causing a lot of trouble for Liverpool.

I don’t know if you noticed how Tammy and Callum are starting to link up quite nicely, I noticed it in the FA cup semi final against United and at Anfield.

And Pulisic well as the Americans would say awesome, what an awesome goal he scored and the run he made to assist Tammy, that balance he showed dancing through the Liverpool defenders. Another player with a brilliant future.

The Wolves game, well we won 3 points. Marvellous.

Confident performance from the side, fantastic free kick from Mount for the first goal and brilliant determination from Giroud for the second goal.

I know I have already banged on about Kepa but with Caberello in goal the defence just so much more at ease. I’m not saying that Willy is the greatest of goalkeepers but you can certainly see the difference in players seeming less cagey and not so panicky.

Gents this season has been one of my favourite. For so long we have known that we have an incredible academy and I’m sure I’ve not been alone in hoping they would get a chance. It goes to show how far we’ve came the fact that 5 youth players played in our last premier league game of the season when there was so much to play for. Reece James, Mason Mount, Tammy Abraham, Callum Hudson Odoi and Ruben Loftus Cheeks and all English. Which is important, Chelsea is an English football team and I will never apologise for wanting English players in the starting 11.

Looking forward to the FA cup final. I believe we will win and how amazing would it be top four finish and the FA cup and I don’t care what anyone says the FA cup is one of the most illustrious cup competitions in the world and winning it is important.

If we do win then Frank Lampard has to be in the conversation of manager of the season.

Win or lose ultimately great season and I have a feeling the club isn’t done in the transfer market.

Finally with the news football and the government aims to get fans back into the stadiums in October, I really do need to get back to the bridge and share a pint of Guinness with you all.

I’m looking forward to the show on Monday, brilliant as always, like a Jonathan Keeble audiobook smooth butter to the ears.

Anyway, I’ve drowned on for all enough so have a great summer gents, what’s left of it.

Ever faithful