Date: 7th September 2020 at 11:45pm
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As we did last season, I asked all contributors to the Chelsea Fancast to give me their predictions for the 2020/21 season.
Then come the end of the season we can embarrass some of us on the season review pod (Ross Barkley top scorer JK and Alex??)
So without any further a due, here are our predictions for the 2020/2021 season.
Chelsea’s final league position
2nd: Chidge, Marco, Alex, JK, Clayton

3rd: Tony, Dean, Mark, Dayne, Martin, Dan

Carabao Cup
Winners: Tony, Marco, Mark, Dan
Runners Up: JK
Semi-final: Clayton, Dayne
Quarter-final: Chidge, Alex, Dean
Fourth Road: Martin
FA Cup
Winners: Chidge, Marco, JK, Dean, Dayne
Runners Up: Alex
Quarter-Final: Martin, Dan
5th Round: Tony
4th Round: Mark
3rd Round: Clayton

Champions League:

Semi-final: Tony, Marco, Alex, JK, Dayne
Quarter-final: Chidge, Dean, Mark, Clayton, Dan
Round of 16: Martin
Top goal scorer:
Tammy Abraham- Tony
Timo Werner- Chidge, Marco, JK, Dean, Mark, Clayton, Dayne, Martin, Dan
Christian Pulisic- Alex

Player of the year:

Christian Pulisic- Tony, Chidge, Alex, Clayton, Martin, Dan
Kai Havertz- Marco
Timo Werner- JK
Thiago Silva- Dean, Mark
Hakim Ziyech- Dayne

Top 4:
Tony, Mark, Clayton, Martin- Manchester City, Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal
Chidge- Liverpool, Chelsea, Manchester City, Manchester United
Marco, Alex, JK- Liverpool, Chelsea, Manchester City, Arsenal
Dean and Dan- Manchester City, Liverpool, Chelsea, Manchester United
Dayne- Liverpool, Manchester City, Chelsea (2nd if we buy a goalkeeper), Arsenal
Bottom 3:
Tony- Leeds, Newcastle, Fulham
Chidge- West Ham, Fulham, Brighton
Marco- Fulham, West Brom, Brighton
Alex- Fulham, Newcastle, West Ham
JK- Fulham, Leeds, West Brom
Dean- Fulham, West Brom, West Ham
Mark- Crystal Palace, West Ham, West Brom
Clayton- Not my problem
Dayne- West Ham, West Brom, Burnley (or Spurs)
Martin- West Brom, Aston Villa, Fulham
Dan- West Ham, Aston Villa,  Fulham