Date: 27th October 2020 at 8:25pm
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Hey guys,

Continuing to love the show.

One issue this week though – Chidge celebrating the terrible Ancelotti chant sung to the tune of La Bamba.

It was stolen off the Scousers who had created it for Benitez – the Hispanic theme made sense from their side too.

I remember a tiny section of Chelsea fans in the Shed Upper forcefully starting this awful version that caught on around the ground.

What next, a song for Timo Werner to the tune of Toto’s Africa?

“I bless the goals from Timo Weeeerrner”?

Much better would be a chant for him to the tune of a German band.

How about Cheri Lady by Modern Talking?

“Chelsea’s Timo Werner, scoring goals for Roman….”

I haven’t quite thought the rest through as I am rearranging my Chelsea badges in colour order so as to impress the hot ladies (who still appear to have lost my contact details – perhaps the internet is slow during lockdown?)

Best wishes and keep up the hard work,

Adam “Valky” Walczak


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