Date: 20th October 2020 at 9:26am
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Stamford Chidge and Jonathan Kydd go through this week’s emails to the show from Chelsea FanCast listeners from all over the world.

On this week’s ‘In Off The Post’ we have emails from all over the world on Chelsea FanCast’s ’50 Years of Chelsea’ series; Chelsea not dealing with Saints on Saturday; Project Big Picture and what it means; Chelsea’s defensive woes and why they should ‘kick it out, when in doubt!’; is Declan Rice the only option for Chelsea’s defensive midfield, oh and more on Chelsea’s defensive woes!

If you want your email, Patreon or Instagram post or tweet to be read out on the show then let me have them by end of the day on Sunday, The email address is and our twitter, facebook and instagram handle is @ChelseaFanCast.

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