Date: 23rd October 2020 at 8:12pm
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Kicking off this week with three new players after a rather disappointing run of results. Southampton should’ve been three points plus a further 2 goals at least added to our goal difference.
Hugely disappointing when you realise everyone else has been dropping points. Then Sevilla I think actually is a good result. As the boys on the podcast pointed out they took Bayern Munich to extra time, no mean feat.
Now we look forward to United at Old Trafford. For me a must win game as I know far too many Man United supporters!
Anyway, onto this week’s three players.
Kai Havertz. The new boy in town who for me, has really started making waves after just a month at the club. Don’t get me wrong, after his debut against Brighton I did say ‘what the flying F**k, 70 odd million for that?!
However, he has since started showing the huge potential he possesses and I’m beginning to get rather excited. Here’s why. September 2015 Juventus played Manchester City in the Champions League Group and this was for me, the game Pogba proved how good he was.
He played Yaya Toure off the pitch. Arrogance, confidence and belief in his own ability was what made Pogba so good that day. Fast forward to today and I think Havertz is doing the same week in week out.
He possesses such a calm presence when he has the ball, almost Mata-esque. I’m not going to go crazy about his hattrick against Barnsley as even my mum would have scored those goals.
His movement off the ball and subsequently on it for both the Palace and Southampton games was sublime. I really enjoy watching him at the moment and I do hope he continues this rich vain of form. Havertz also has a lot to learn though.
Dribbling infront of his penalty box and thinking he has an unlimited time on the ball in the opposition box is not a luxury he can get away with in the Premier League.
Two of the goals Southampton scored, he was involved in. He’s still young though and he’s still learning which means hopefully Frank can try and iron out some of these imperfections in his game. I also think the attacking potential will increase further when the team becomes confident with its defence.
Big things are coming, and (King) Kai will be at the forefront of them, I’m sure.
Next onto N’Golo Kante. A Chelsea treasure of whom I believe without him, we wouldn’t have won the League under Conte. He’s been a staple of the last four seasons for Chelsea and I don’t know about you, but everytime I see him on the team sheet I get a sense of security and steadiness in the team.
Now imagine how reassuring he must be for his teammates alongside him. Kante has offered so much dynamism to this Chelsea team over the years and has allowed players like Jorginho and Cesc Fabregas to get on and play the game, their way.
One of the few things I think Kante lacks is genuine footballing ability. I don’t think his passing, shooting or dribbling is anything to be desired. Yes he has scored a few crackers for the club but he’s never going to be anyone’s favourite player.

Don’t get me wrong though he’s not in the team to be a graceful player to watch and admire, which is fine because we have other players that can do that for us! All in all without Kante I’m not sure this Chelsea side would’ve won three trophies in three seasons. He’s been paramount to our success but not because of his ability, but because of his heart and determination.
This last player comes at the request of my Granddad, the first Chelsea supporter in my family and a man that also had trials with Peter Osgood (apparently).
Anyway, Ron ‘Chopper’ Harris. I have had to do some research on him as I was born well after he retired playing. So here goes a little history lesson on one of Chelsea’s Legends.
Still the current holder of most Chelsea appearances with 795 and most league appearances s with 655. He scored 14 goals for Chelsea which I was surprised about based on how many JT scored in his time, however it was a different time and I’m sure it’s fully justified.
He won three major trophies as a Chelsea player, the then League Cup (now Carabao) the famous FA Cup of 1970 and the European Cup Winners Cup in 1971. Famous for his hard tackles and never say die attitude he inevitably became a Chelsea Legend and to many Chelsea supporters (as is the case with my Granddad) in their opinion the best player we ever had.
Thank you again for taking the time to read this, from one Chelsea supporter to another, Up the Chels!