Date: 9th October 2020 at 10:18am
Written by:

Stamford Chidge interviews his old mate, , writer and author of “Stuck On You: a year in the life of a Chelsea supporter”; “Carefree! & Terrace Culture”; ; “Roe2Ro”; “Poppy” and “Shorts”, to talk about his latest book “Let The Celery Decide”

Chidge talks to Walter Otton about his latest book “Let The Celery Decide” where he poignantly and passionately recounts his journey from the Champions’ League semi-final second leg against Barcelona to the Final in .

Chelsea’s struggle to win the ‘Holy Grail’ mirror Walters own health struggles, but as ever, teamwork and mates help him through.

A very moving chat with a wonderful writer and Chelsea supporter which reminds you as to why going to is so important and why we miss it so much.

The book is available from our very own ’s Gate 17 publishing or from Amazon priced at £7.95

Here’s the summary from the back cover…

“Brace yourself for an invigorating journey with a quite miraculous ending – and we’re not just talking about what happens on the pitch. Treasuring a one-nil lead, five thousand travel to Barcelona for the second leg of the semi-final of the European Cup.

 After the most extraordinary ninety minutes ever witnessed, the Blues know they will face Bayern Munich in the Final. Desperately pining for some consistent peace of mind after the Doctor had signed him off indefinitely, Walt’s excursions to both games are peppered with powerful honesty, stirring dreams and spontaneous connections. Join him as he blindly navigates through the brutal storm of life-changing health issues in what would end up being a glorious season.

 He’s lost his job; he might be losing his marbles – he’s a husband and a father clinging on to his kids, his faith and his marriage. Drinking with his friends George and Tall Paul, the three of them are tucked up for the day in a sun-drenched Munich beer garden. Fate puts in an appearance and suddenly there’s a spare ticket in the Chelsea end for the Final sitting right in Walter’s palm. Who goes to the match?

‘Let the Celery Decide’”