Date: 20th April 2021 at 12:52pm
Written by:

The events of the past 48 hours have knocked me sideways. Chelsea’s involvement in the newly formed angers, disgusts and most of all, saddens me.

Roman Abramovich and the Chelsea board have committed the ultimate betrayal of their ‘legacy fans’, filling their bank balances whilst simultaneously bankrupting their morality.

The European Super League is a closed competition, those inside it do not need to qualify or worry about financial struggles as they’ll be guaranteed to be playing in their “competition”.

Forget the Premier League, forget the , forget every other football league and non football league team in this country that invented this game.


The game has been taken away from us supporters, these super league games will be played everywhere else other than home grounds.

Most of the US owners in the Premier League also have stadiums in America, games will be played there.

I now feel an emptiness inside me. I watched Thomas Tuchel’s press conference prior to the Brighton game, I smiled at his Big Sam revenge comment, but inside I was crying.

This Brighton game was huge in the top four race, but now, it’s meaningless. Leeds got a late leveller against Liverpool, good for us, although it’s not is it.

Competition has been killed, football has been killed, Chelsea have been killed.

Football, Chelsea in particular, are a huge part of my life, I write articles, host a , guest on podcasts and have even written a book all about Chelsea.

Outside of my family, it’s the one thing I’ve got.

And it’s not even a case of supporting someone else, that’s out of the question. I like football but I love Chelsea.

Going to Chelsea has always been hugely personal to me, it was the time I spent with my Dad, after he split with my mum when I was young, this was the time we spent together.

Chelsea always meant more to me than the game being played or the trophies being won.

Always has, always will.

I have a five year old son, who might now grow up with a completely different footballing world, he won’t have the moments at the football with me and my dad, his granddad, as I’ve imagined he will since the day he was born.

That’s what’s saddens me most.

Please Mr Abramovich, don’t take my football club away.

You are the owner, we owe you a huge debt for what you’ve done for this club over the years and what you’ve done for this country during the pandemic.

But Chelsea belongs to me and my fellow . Our emotional investment in this club will far outweigh the billion pounds you’ve invested over the years.

We were here before you, but we won’t be here after you if you take the club away.

This move can be forgiven if not forgotten.

Do the right thing, give us our club back.