Date:25th March 2022 at 7:09pm
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I was originally sceptical and worried for change at the highest level within our football club. Change in everyday life does not bother me, unlike the old male stereotype ‘No man likes change’, I’m quite receptive to trying new things.

But for some reason this change, which has been forced upon us, is really bothering me and I’m scared for our future, both on and off the field.

A few weeks have passed since sanctions were put in place and after absorbing everything, I’ve calmed a hell of a lot down. I really dug deep when thinking about all things Chelsea and it took me back to the beginning of this love affair that is 40+ years (I know I don’t look it) and still going strong.

And that, is exactly what it comes down to in the end, love.

As long as there is a Chelsea, in some form or other, that’s all that really matters. You get sucked up into the glitz and glamour of winning trophies and all the success.

Boy it’s been a great ride, the things we have seen, achieved things we never dreamed of in the 80’s.

The thing with winning is though, it’s addictive, but in sporting terms you soon realise that it is just a bonus.

No team has any divine right to win anything.

For me, following Chelsea is all about that day at Stamford Bridge, which I’ve been doing regularly for 33 years (again I know I don’t look it) it might include the result, might not.

As the PodFather StamfordChidge regularly says ‘Don’t let 90 minutes of football spoil a good day out’ and having done it for so long, I don’t know anything else.

So all I want is security & I can selfishly carry on experiencing those days.

If success comes then great, if it doesn’t then so be it.

The love affair will keep me going.

Everyone has a different story of how it all started, mine is no better than anyone else’s, but after all, it is mine.

As I previously stated I dug deep & then remembered it wasn’t about the success, or because I liked the colour blue or because of one or two players.

Born and raised just a stones throw from the ground, Chelsea has been in my life since I can remember.

As young kids all we did was play football, whether over EelBrook Common, Lille Rec, in later years representing ‘The Brunswick Boys Club” (a fairly famous local kids football team, just off North End Road) or around the stadium, sometimes getting in, sometimes not but always as close as possible.

For me & my friends it was that connection with the local team, the dream of playing for the local team & pulling on that shirt.

I can’t put into words the feeling I’d get when playing with your mates over the Eel brook common (whilst Chelsea were playing) and hearing the roar from the crowd after a goal was scored.

The cheers would fly through the air, and wow what it did for me as a kid. Eat, drank & slept Chelsea, they were my world.

Once the dream of playing for them was out the window, it was full time going & supporting them that took over.

The love started some time in 1983, and became a regular part of my life in 1989. Some take it to extreme levels, some don’t. What you can’t deny is your very own love affair with your team, cannot be matched.

It’s yours, embrace it & love it.

And whilst that love still burns so hot, I’ll keep on going.

The success might carry on, might stall, might disappear, but I, like so many will just keep on keeping on.

The cliche’ saying ‘players, managers and owners come and go but what is a consistent is the fans’ does indeed ring so true.

So as long as our beloved Chelsea’s future is secured, then that will be good enough for me & so many others.

Chelsea I Love You

Up The Blues 💙