Date: 17th August 2022 at 10:11am
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At the time of writing, the season is hot off the press. Chelsea fans have been spoiled with good results in the last couple of seasons, scoring entrances to the Champions League while also competing well against the best competition in the league.

But as always when the last days of summer start becoming host to the Premier League, hope and expectations are rekindled once again. With the war in Ukraine, the ownership of the club was a topic of hot speculation and led to some unwanted distractions for both fans and the players. With the takeover now complete hopefully the coming season will be a lot more stable. For our international readers less well versed in the world of English football this might act as a good run-through if you’re looking for something outside of super bowl odds in the world of sports.

The World Cup

The World Cup will act as an unwanted distraction for many Chelsea fans. The fact that it will have to put an unusually large pause to the season and take several members of the squad like Havertz, Mount, Sterling, Pulisic and Kanté all presumed playing many games at the World Cup there’s always the risk of injury. With the massive controversy and backlash against the World Cup many people have vowed to not bet money on the matches or watch any broadcasts at all, instead opting for other forms of entertainment such as super bowl lines.

The league

The current power dynamics of the Premier League has made it very difficult to make a serious run at the title. The dominance of Liverpool and Manchester City are a tough nut to crack even if Chelsea often can play very well against these two sides. The main issue is making sure that the consistency is there. Games against worse opponents need to be dispatched with ease, something that was a bit of an issue last season, e.g. another home defeat against Brentford.

The Champions League

Last year’s run in the Champions League ended in disappointment for Chelsea. Even if Real Madrid would go on to win the tournament outright, Chelsea should have been able to beat them. With the Premier League title being more or less out of reach many fans are hoping that the Champions League can be the title that Tuchel and his men aim for this year. 2021 was a magical year and with some luck and a lot of hard work it’s not impossible to see Chelsea making a deep run this year.

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