Date: 17th August 2022 at 11:25am
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Finally, the new season is upon us in all of its glory. The Stamford Bridge faithful have a couple of seasons with a good performance in their backs, with the biggest highlight being the triumph in the Champions League 2021. But what can we expect for the coming season?

As always with a new season, the mood is anticipatory and nervous. Will Tuchel and his squad be able to truly challenge the two giants of the Premier League or will they once again be left gnawing at their heels? Nobody knows for certain, but there are several things to keep in mind in the coming season. Hopes are high for the Blues at least.

The World Cup

What will the impact of the world cup be? Mount, Sterling, and Reece James are all important players in the England squad as they once again attempt to bring it home once and for all. If the World Cup is finally coming home, they will have plenty of games to their name, but will need a proper rest too. As with all international tournaments the biggest hope is that all players will remain injury free. This World Cup is not without its fair share of controversy and debate and many football fans have sworn to boycott viewing of all games, instead opting for optional forms of entertainment such as betting on the nfl week 15 odds.

Another year of Tuchel

Tuchel is both liked and disliked at Stamford bridge. The tactical genius can sometimes be criticized for some of his decisions on the pitch and many fans believe that Chelsea needs to go in a different managerial direction to be able to truly compete at the top of the Premier League. However, Tuchel has the full confidence of the board and it’s the opinion of this writer that it’s best to let him stay on for at least another season, part in fact to there not being a better alternative available at the minute.

Play in the Champions League

Last year’s run in the Champions League ended in disappointment and many people believed that Chelsea should have been able to make a deeper run than they did. Even if Real Madrid went on to win the entire tournament many fans believed that the boys in blue should have been able to at least defend their title in the finals.

The Champions League is one of the absolute highlights of the year and the squad is fit and hopefully ready to make another run at the title. Due to the dominance of both Liverpool and Manchester City, nobody expects Chelsea to have a say in the race for the title. Focus might as well be on the biggest trophy of them all.

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