Date:16th September 2022 at 11:15pm
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Stamford Chidge & Jonathan Kydd are joined by Clayton Beerman to look back at Graham Potter’s first game in charge against Salzburg and Todd Boehly getting salty in New York.

In part one we discuss Todd Boehly’s interview at the SALT Conference in New York this week. This is the first we’ve heard on the ‘Boehly Plan’; should he have spoken to the football media & supporters first rather than a bunch of financiers and businessmen? Was there equivocation regarding a return to the ESL? Why all the furore about the All-Star game and is the multi-club model a good idea?

In part two we look back at Chelsea’s oh so familiar 1-1 draw in the Champions’ League against Salzburg. Potter’s team selection and formation raised a few eyebrows and while there was more energy, as expected, chances were squandered and defensive frailties cost us. It all seemed a bit ‘meet the new boss, same as the old boss’. With Mount looking back to his old self and Broja impressing as a substitute there may be the first seeds of hope, but how long will it take Potter to mould this side into something resembling a successful Chelsea side and can he deliver Top 4 to Boehly?

We wrap up with some great emails to read out.


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