Date: 12th September 2022 at 11:07pm
Written by:

Stamford Chidge & Jonathan Kydd are joined by Mark Meehan to reflect on the weeks Chelsea news and preview the Champions’ League match against Salzburg on Wednesday night.

On the show tonight, in part one, we discuss Tommy T’s farewell message, the Club’s absent PR and Boehly blowing money on managers, like, er Roman. And how can Boehly make Chelsea more successful like they keep saying they will?

In part two, we look ahead to the Champions’ League match against Salzburg on Wednesday. We take a look at Potter’s likely team selection, ask who are Salzburg and discuss how we see the match going.

In part three, we have no less than 7 fantastic emails mainly about the whole Boehly, Tuchel and Potter saga.


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