Date: 4th April 2014 at 4:32pm
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1 Nagy#CFC our correspondent from Egypt tells us how great to see Chelsea smash Arsenal 6-0 recently and more important see score!

A day for history…

The Start of the day was just like other days when our Chelsea Supporters Group the Blue Pharaohs met up.

Everybody was optimistic , spirit and confidence among the fans group was sky high.

Everyone was speaking about how would ruin the day for Wenger, potentially more sweet as this was supposed to be a milestone match for him as he reached 1000 matches in charge for Arsenal.

The optimism was coming from the previous 11 encounters between Mourinho & Wenger where the later has never been able to win even 1 match or have any joy against the ‘Special One’. And of course remember that Wenger also suffered defeat in his 500th match against the same man – Jose Mourinho.

The match started & it appeared that Arsenal had so many spaces appearing all over the pitch making it perfect for our counter attacking abilities. This was soon seen in the first goal when Schurrle passed the ball to Eto’o who dummied Oxlade-Chamberlain to score our first half goal in the for over a month .

The Same thing happened again when Matic passed to Schurrle from the half way line who then ran on the left of Arsenal’s defence to score the goal from the same side of their defence which looked full of holes & lacking organization.

We were 2 up in only 7 minutes and it looked like Arsenal were about to suffer a heavy defeat similar to the one they had against Liverpool

Eto’o was subbed off just after 10 minutes into the game when he got injured and everyone started to worry as Torres came on. He  doesn’t get that much credit with his recent scoring record, but he doesn’t inspire much confidence either!

Torres made a run into space when he went to run but this time on the right side of their defence where he did pass it to hazard who’s shot was saved by the hands of Oxlade-Chamberlain who’s  mate Gibbs was shown the red card instead. This is when we all knew that the media will only talk about this and force people to forget about the game & the brilliant Chelsea result.

The penalty was awarded & was scored in lovely way by Hazard the new wizard of Chelsea and this had all happened in the 15th minute when we went 3-0 up.

Everyone was now asking for bigger score. We want a historic one.

It was at the same time when supporters in stands were chanting the songs of “we want you to stay we want you to stay” & give him another 1000 more matches.2

But that was not it for the first half as we steam-rolled them with another Torres run on the left side of Arsenal’s defence just for Oscar to finish it in a skillful way in the top of the goal. The first half ended by 4 goals to nil with only one shot for Arsenal at goal.

The second half started with 2 subs for Wenger who added Flamini & Jenkinson to try to reduce the damage.

But that only just worked for 20 mins for him as Oscar had an attempt that was converted to a goal as the Brazilian was assisted by Matic after the Serbian intercepted the ball at the edge of the penalty area

The highlight of the day was when our Egyptian player , winger & star to be Mohamed Salah came on as a sub for  Oscar who had a magnificent game after so many matches.

Salah scored the 6th goal…yea it was the 6th goal (!!) & his first ever in a Chelsea shirt to make it the biggest ever win between the 2 teams.

That goal didn’t just have us Chelsea fans raving but all of the Egyptian fans in the country. A goal that you would check every website & social media for comments about it and the contribution he made in the game.

The goal made Mourinho celebrate as if it’s the first of the game. He was celebrating as if he scored..a point that was  revealed later by Salah himself.  Mourinho told him he would score in that game and make it special as it was a derby game.

The game was after that a bit slow from us as we were saving energy it seemed for the upcoming weeks.

The annihilated Arsenal side were trying to salvage anything but the game went to bed early as they say leaving only Blues fans to sing & chant for a historic day & leaving us with a raving atmosphere filled with optimism for the future of our team.

Wenger has spent one of his saddest day as an Arsenal manager on his 1000th match in charge, a match he will look to forget, although it will be difficult to erase a match like that from anyone’s memory on the day of his big milestone.

Our question now is will we finish 1st despite others having more games in hand than us ??!!

It doesn’t matter as we look to be building the strongest squad in Europe.

The future is bright the Future is Blue & White.

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