Who Are Chelsea FanCast

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The Chelsea FanCast is a weekly live internet radio show and podcast broadcasting every Monday night for two hours between 19.00 and 21.00 GMT on Mixlr.com and chelseafancast.com with the podcast being available to download from the website and Acast,  ITunes, Soundcloud and various other podcast distributors. Mixlr has a very engaged weekly live following with hundreds of listeners posting messages to each other and the show whilst listening. The podcast is downloaded by thousands around the world every week.

We started podcasting in 2008, just before the ill-fated Champions’ League final in Moscow – 4 mates, one pub and a lot of Guinness!

Like all great Rock and Roll bands the line up may have changed but the ethos (and presenter ‘Stamford’ Chidge) remains the same. Good friends with a love of talking about the game and the club we all love – calling it as we see it; taking the mick out of each other and sharing the experience we are lucky enough to have in going to the games and the pubs before and after with those who were there with us and those who are not as lucky to be at the games themselves.

The show has evolved over the last 11 years moving from a pub in Putney to a TV studio (in doing so becoming the only fan produced football podcast to broadcast a live TV show, live Radio show with a YouTube Channel and Podcast simultaneously!) and then when the studio closed back to the living room of Chidge’s London flat. With Chidge having moved out of central London, we now produce the show ‘virtually’ on Skype but it still goes out live via mixlr and most important it has lost none of the dynamic and still sounds the same as it did when we could sit round a table together chatting about Chelsea over a few beers.

As well as the football chat and inherent humour in the show, the Chelsea FanCast has always had a strong campaigning and a serious edge, tackling issues important to both Chelsea supporters and the wider football community such as ticket pricing; safe standing; the Chelsea Pitch Owners, atmosphere and racism head on. We were proud to be included on one of the match day banners and on the front of the Chelsea FC programme in an anti-racist campaign and one of our most regular guests and friend of the show is Paul Canoville, Chelsea’s first black footballer and ardent campaigner against racism.

The Chelsea FanCast has had a representative on the Official Chelsea FC Fans Forum since 2009 and in 2012 three of the regular FanCasters were involved in setting up the Chelsea Supporters Trust going on to serve on the Board. David ‘Stamford Chidge’ Chidgey has served on the board since then, serving as the Chairman from 2016-2019.

cf5As well as Paul Canoville we have had many well known guests on the show. Over the years the Chelsea FanCast has featured former Chelsea footballers such as Jason Cundy, Alan Hudson and Mickey Thomas, football journalists such as Henry Winter, Jason Burt, Rob Shepherd, Neil Ashton and Martin Lipton (including a special Chelsea FanCast vs The Press show) and many well known Chelsea authors and personalities. We have even produced a show in a Pub in Los Angeles during the Chelsea USA Tour in 2009!

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cf7The Chelsea FanCast has attained cult status and global popularity in tandem with Chelsea FC’s growth as a worldwide power and brand in football, with a loyal and fully engaged worldwide weekly audience of thousands from the UK, Europe, USA, South America, Asia, Australasia and Africa. The award winning show (Football Blogging Awards Best Podcast winner 2012 & 2015)  has made a huge impact on and is very much at the heart of the Chelsea supporter community with influence and involvement on the official Chelsea FC Fans Forum, the Chelsea Supporters Trust, numerous appearances in the print, radio (talkSPORT; BBC 5 Live; LBC; Absolute Radio) and TV media (BBC; ITV; Sky Sports; Premier League Channel) as well as contributing to several high profile Chelsea related fanzines and blogs.

The Chelsea FanCast also has a very significant presence in Social Media with a combined twitter presence of well over 125,000 followers ancf8d a Facebook Fan Page with over 340,000 likes. Uniquely, the show appeals equally to the various and diverse factions of the Chelsea Fan base encompassing the older generation who first started going in the 1970’s and 1980’s; the younger supporters who have only recently started supporting; those who go to matches and those who watch from their armchair; ex-pat supporters living abroad and supporters from around the world new to both Chelsea and football.

In a nutshell this success is built on authentic match going football fan opinion, the engaging and entertaining nature of the show that focusses on the personalities and humour of real match going supporters to provide the ‘this is what it was like to be there’ experience appealing to football supporters whether they were there or not! In addition to this we add a sprinkling of well-known Chelsea personalities, football experts, and interviews with current and former players and legends.


How to listen to the Chelsea FanCast

The Chelsea Football FanCast is a weekly internet radio show and podcast dedicated to the Chels. The show is the real deal with real opinions and banter from lifelong fans that go to the games and live in the manor!

Presented by Chelsea nut ‘Stamford Chidge’, the show discusses the latest Chelsea issues from the fans perspective. Chidge is joined by Jonathan Kydd, Dan Silver, Clayton Beerman, Mark Worrall, Tony Glover and Alex ‘The Girl Who Likes Balls’ Churchill and a host of other well known Chelsea faces to carry on the pub banter on the show. In addition, when they can be begged, borrowed or stolen, some of the Football Pundits, Journalists, ex-Players and legends, Chelsea authors and Celebs and downright nutters Chidge knows make guest appearances on the show.

Expect banter, biased opinion, and downright nonsense all in the Blue cause. Also featuring reviews of every match with the only opinions that matter – the fans!

Every match is reviewed and all the big issues about Chelsea are discussed. All this plus guest interviews, Chelsea News Round Up and you can ask the panel anything you like by emailing the show chelseafancast@gmail.com  or posting it on twitter @ChelseaFanCast or in the mixlr chat room

Chelsea FanCast is on Mixlr

So why not tune in to the live audio stream where you can interact with the podcasters during the show in the mixlr chatroom – listen to the show live on Monday nights at 19.00-21.00 pm GMT at www.mixlr.com/chelsea-fancast.

You can then download the podcast from Acast, Itunes, soundcloud (just search for Chelsea FanCast) or listen on this website about two hours after the live show has finished.