Date:29th May 2014 at 4:25pm
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Virtual General Meeting Wednesday (28th May)

As part of the commitment by the board of the Chelsea Supporters Trust to have formal dialogue with members four times a year, for our final Special General Meeting of the season was a Virtual General Meeting (VGM) on Wednesday 28th May. The event was hosted by the Chelsea Fancast and broadcast live through their mixlr channel to enable members to listen in and ask questions of the board members present.

The advantage of a VGM was that it meant that all CST voting members were able to participate, including those who would otherwise be unable to physically attend meetings. This was an experiment but, if feedback is positive, it is something we would consider doing on an annual basis. Please feel free to comment so that we can gauge the success or otherwise of holding VGM’s. The CST Annual General Meeting in August will of course be a formal meeting, at a location in the SW6 area.

The agenda was as follows :-

  1. Welcome and Introductions
  2. Safe Standing – Roadshow, Survey Results, Next Steps
  3. CFCTickets/CST Ticket Exchange proposal to club – rationale, proposal content, current status
  4. Ongoing issues raised by members – Arsenal away, Madrid away, overseas club membership etc.
  5. Issues over the summer
  6. Wider issues – FSF/SD Football Weekend, League 3 etc
  7. August AGM and CST board elections – timescale, key actions etc
  8. Questions From Members
  9. Any Other Business

To become a voting member visit the homepage of our website at where you can pay for annual membership at a price of £5 per year, which entitles you to have your say and vote at official meetings and also a free Trust pin badge

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