Date: 9th January 2019 at 10:45pm
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We all know that somethings not quite right in the mind of After a stunning start to English , the Spaniard has struggled both on and off the pitch. 

Goal droughts have shattered his seemingly fragile confidence and although he’s scored 8 goals this season, he never looks like scoring. Sarri has spoken about using physiologists to try and help him find his mojo again, but sadly, it seems we’re chasing a lost cause. 

People often compare Morata with another Spaniard who struggled to find the net in the Chelsea shirt, Fernando Torres.

Torres, a former record signing during the January transfer window back in 2011, failed to score in his first 732 minutes of Chelsea action (13 games). 

Both struggled with injuries, Torres’ knee problem was well documented before Chelsea decided to spend £50 million on him. While Morata’s grade 2 hamstring tear in October 2017 coincided with his drop in form and confidence. However, the major difference between the two, was that scoring goals was a relief for Torres.

Watch the celebration after that first goal against West Ham. The utter release of joy, not just from Torres, but from the whole team. 

Compare that to Morata. His almost non celebration. His team mates don’t even bother anymore. And that’s really concerning, because it shows that Morata’s problem lies much deeper than just scoring goals. If it was, scoring would relieve the pressure, and his goal tally this season would be a decent return from his appearances. 

He should be, at the very least, smiling. 

Maybe, he’s just not happy in England, and that’s just unfortunate, but there’s only so much we can do before we have to cut our losses and sell.

Perhaps the death of his best friend hit him too hard and he needs to be surrounded by his family and friends back home. There’s nothing wrong with struggling with grief, but you can ask for help. Just “manning up” is extremely dangerous and will never make the issues go away. It’s a shame, because Morata is clearly a fantastic footballer. The first few months when he signed were a joy to watch. 

Some claim that Morata doesn’t celebrate because of the abuse he gets from supporters. Online, I agree this abuse goes too far but it doesn’t reflect what happens inside Supporters are a simple bunch really, we’re not asking Morata to become peak Ronaldo (fat one) overnight. All we ask is you give 100% in every game and try your absolute best. 

Spending all game bitching to the referee and falling over every time someone comes near you is not going to endear you to Chelsea supporters. Ask Didier Drogba or Diego Costa.

Some want Costa to return and yes while Costa may have scored more goals, before Conte lost the plot, we were playing much better football with Morata linking the play up front. 

Conte’s crazy six months would’ve also played a part in the way Morata is feeling, but hopefully with Sarri’s philosophy seemingly being given time to succeed could provide the stability that he needs. 

Most importantly though, Morata needs to smile like he means it.

To enjoy scoring again, and things may just fall into place.