Date: 29th February 2020 at 12:51am
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Stamford Chidge and Jonathan Kydd join Love Sport Radio’s Matt Beadle to discuss the latest Chelsea news, look back at Chelsea’s defeat to Bayern Munich in the Champions’ League, the win last weekend against Spurs and ahead to the weekend’s match against Bournemouth.

Chelsea were taught a harsh lesson in the defeat to Bayern Munich but just how far away are they from being competitive in the later stages of the Champions’ League?

We answer caller Ray’s question about the future of Stamford Bridge and look back at a great win against Spurs where a change in formation did the trick.

Looking ahead to the Bournemouth match, they have proved something of a bogey side recently but with Chelsea suffering from a spate of injuries at the moment, just who will Frank Lampard select?

With the Premier League Hall of Fame to be introduced, Chidge and JK nominate two Chelsea players for the accolade.