Date: 25th June 2020 at 10:51am
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Continuing our series ’50 Years of Chelsea’ looking back, season by season, from the FA Cup winning 1970 season to present day; Stamford Chidge is joined by Jonathan Kydd and Kelvin Barker to look back at the 1980-81 season.

Kelvin Barker writes for cfcuk and is the author of ‘Celery: Representing Chelsea in the 80’s’, the definitive book on Chelsea in the 1980’s and ‘Chelsea Here; Chelsea There’ about Chelsea’s first match back in Division One in 1984 against Arsenal at Highbury.

Chelsea enter a new decade stuck in Division Two and with a new manager, World Cup hat-trick hero Geoff Hurst. Will some of his magic rub off on his Chelsea players and help them to get back to Division One?

Another up and down season follows with the 6-0 win against Newcastle United early in the season a highlight, but after Christmas we were singing “All we are saying, is give us a goal” as Chelsea endured their worst goal drought ever, scoring in only 3 of their last 22 matches. Signing Alan Mayes certainly did not help!

Gary Chivers who played 42 games for Chelsea that season, chips in with comments on his goal against Newcastle, Petar Borota, Geoff Hurst and Chelsea not being able to score.