Date: 17th May 2021 at 10:56pm
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is joined by Jonathan Kydd, Tony Glover and to look back at a very disappointing defeat to Leicester. And we look ahead to Tuesday’s match against the very same Leicester.
On the show tonight, we look at which brought massive euphoria and massive disappointment. Did Tuchel get the selection wrong? Did take it seriously enough? Did poor finishing cost us again and if so, why did we not take a punt on Tammy? Would Mendy have saved Tieleman’s goal? Was it hand ball in the build up? Did get it right on Chilwell’s goal? How crucial were Schmeichel’s saves and are Chelsea bottling finals?
In part two we look ahead to the match against Leicester on Tuesday evening. Are Chelsea running out of steam and can they get over the line? Who will Tommy T pick and how do we see it going?
Finally, in part three, we have some great emails to read out.