Date:18th May 2021 at 12:55pm
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Twitter does seem to be the go to place for all our sporting troubles & strifes.

For all our vents and to agree/disagree and to shoot down all opinions about our team from fellow or rival fans.

I always scroll through my TL with interest, always notice the same contradictions regarding Frank Lampard, Thomas Tuchel, Jorginho, Mason Mount, Christian Pulisic, etc etc.

I always notice the opinions & disagreements, the loyalty to certain players, the predictions, the views on who would be ‘a brilliant signing for us’.

Peoples opinions is what makes football so special, so many give their views based on passion & loyalty & that is why they are giving their opinions on Twitter & are not paid by Chelsea or whoever.

I notice so much, people with such Twitter reputations actually very rarely give you anything that actually rings true or for example regarding a player we should buy that actually ends up being a great signing for us or anyone else.

As previously stated it’s all opinions after all, and does make for a good read & chuckle.

What I’m getting to is Tuchel, I write this on the morning of the Leicester league game where we have to win, but with the Cup Final defeat from Saturday still annoying the F**k out of me. Tuchel has been questioned in recent weeks, probably in response to the two defeats in a row.

yCertain people on Twitter will respond with ‘One minute he’s the new messiah, now he’s not good enough…. make up your mind’ or ‘all of a sudden he’s a bad manager?’ I ask who are you aiming these tweets at? It can’t be those fans who are critical all the time as we know they’re never happy & their whole Twitter agenda is to shock & get the reactions, or are you actually aiming it at yourselves to ease your own disappointment?

My question I have regarding Tuchel (Or is it actually an opinion? oh the contradiction )

Is, has he been given praise a little too early when the sensible view would of been to wait and see, remember the Avram Grant season?

Tuchel took over 4 points off the top four, at the moment we’re in the top four by one point, just lost a cup final & in the Champions League Final. Two games left & it’s all in our own hands to confirm a top four finish & a chance to win the biggest trophy in club football.

Unfortunately we could also end up with absolutely nothing, and that is my question, if that happens can Tuchel be praised? Or the Praise previously given are specifically for those individual match results?

Was the original praise premature or are football fans genuinely fickle (me being one of them) & just live in the moment too much? Either way we will all soon find out. The older I get the more my praise just pauses that little longer & I just wait & see. Is it a kop out so the praise can’t come back to bite me on the arse….. maybe?

Or maybe it’s just that old feeling that football has a nasty habit of biting you on the arse when you think you know it all?

Anyway one thing that can’t be argued is the fact of the three massive games ahead.

Up The Blues!

Still keep giving your opinions & views because if we all agreed on the same things the sporting word & world would be very boring indeed.