Date:2nd June 2021 at 7:31pm
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After a few weeks away due to studying and final papers at university this is my first piece back for the FanCast.

In that time we’ve lost the FA Cup, beaten the team who beat us in that cup, had Spurs do us a colossal favour that in the end we didn’t even need.

Oh and we reached a Champions League Final after beating UEFA royalty in Real Madrid. 

After a rather mediocre end to our domestic season all the confidence I had built up during our Champions League campaign evaporated.

Leicester in the FA Cup final escaped us due to some unfortunate decisions. Cue a rather quiet evening with little to no talk about football, or talk about anything for that matter. 

The week that followed saw us destroy Leicester in-front of our home fans. Luckily for us watching at home the broadcasters this time managed to put microphones around the fans so we could actually hear them.

Something I’m assuming BT and BBC failed to do for the FA Cup final. I also thought whilst watching the Premier League game against Leicester that it totally summed up Timo Werner’s season, his movement and effort cannot be faulted, but his ability to look down the line is something that needs addressing.

It seems to me that he’s from the same striker school as the Italian forward Inzaghi, who as everyone knows was born offside. The subsequent blushes at Villa Park were met with the obvious relief of Leicester doing a Spurs against Spurs, which made the defeat a little easier to take.

However taking this form into the Champions League Final left me feeling somewhat nervous. 

Saturday 29th of May. I wasn’t lucky enough to get tickets for this game, but that didn’t matter as I was able to watch the game with my parents, my two brothers and my girlfriend (all blues).

Despite the nerves and after two stiff Whiskys I was ready for the rollercoaster that would be the greatest night in our history since 2012.

The crowd to begin with was electric and watching the game at home gave us such a buzz, the fans really gave the game the stakes they deserved. Like Chidge I was very quiet watching the game. I moaned at Werner once or twice and had the odd swear at Sterling after Reece James had forced him to ‘fall over’ again.

As the goal went in everyone watching the game in the living room erupted. Now I didn’t, namely because of VAR. King Kai of Porto had made a late run and I couldn’t help but think it was probably offside. Once it had been checked I let out a small cheer but I wasn’t going to get too excited. 

As the second half started I could see in the players body language they was confident they could keep out City. Ben Chilwell and Reece were doing stellar jobs on keeping Mahrez, Walker and Sterling out of the game.

Antonio Rudiger then did a fantastic job of putting De Bruyne out of the game, total shithousery that I’m sure he didn’t mean (it is Rudiger so I won’t put it past him!)

Nonetheless the game ticked over, Foden was pretty quiet, Aguero and Jesus failed to make any kind of an impact and Chelsea’s midfield and defence was absolutely solid.

Who says we can’t win anything with that midfield? As the final whistle went, Eduoard Mendy, Jorginho and a few others dropped to their knees in a symbolic type of ‘I have nothing more to give’.

A typical never say die Chelsea mentality. The opposite occurred between me and my family. My Dad jumped higher than anything I’ve ever seen screaming ‘we’ve done it!’ My youngest brother slumped in relief into the sofa, the game clearly taking it out of him. My other brother screaming ‘come on’ louder than I’m sure even the Hulk could manage. I personally lost it, I picked my girlfriend up and pivoted around the room in such a way even Ross from friends would’ve been proud.

Kissed her like it was the last time and realised what it meant to experience emotions like this around people again. My Mum, the Chelsea instigator in the family was calm and collected as ever, ‘I was there when we got promoted to Division 1’ she said. I can’t help but feel this further success of Chelsea is far too material compared to what she was used to. 

After a FaceTime call to my Granddad and another phone call to my cousin (both die hard Chelsea supporters) it all began to sink in. That we was Champions of Europe for a second time. 

I will never forget the 29th of May 2021. After a year of Lockdowns, missing events, birthdays and losing out on life as we know it. King Kai of Porto allowed my family and I to share the same feelings with each other and enjoy what will now be, our second star.

This is what it means to be proper Chels. 


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