Date: 5th February 2024 at 10:51pm
Written by:

Stamford Chidge & Jonathan Kydd are joined by Mark Meehan to look back at a shambolic defeat at home to Wolves and ahead to Wednesday night’s FA Cup replay away to Aston Villa.

In part one, another great day out ruined by the football. Caice-doh evens the score. No fight; no intelligence; no identity; no style; no clue; no hope – it really is this bad isn’t it? Will they sack Pochettino? Would he deserve it? Jose not the answer. What’s going on behind the scenes? Winstanley & Stewart need to go, but the finger of blame points to Begdhad Egbahli – how do we hold him to account?

In part two we welcome back Justin Hawthorne from Up the Villa for the Opposition View. How confident is Justin after the 5-0 win at Sheffield? It was much closer at the Bridge than we all predicted; we couldn’t score of course, but thought Villa were too cautious until we tired. Chelsea have been terrible since – what’s Justin’s thoughts? History is on Chelsea’s side but…Justin tells us how he thinks it will go and gives us his prediction.

In part three Chidge gives us his team selection and he has a plan! How do we bounce back from last week – can we? Chelsea have terrible away form and Villa are virtually impregnable at Villa Park and it does not bode well. We wrap up with how we see it going and give our predictions?

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