Date: 4th September 2012 at 3:51pm
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Stamford Chidge is joined by ChelTel, Pablo, Dazza and Lauren to discuss the misery in Monaco, and special guest Amanda Jacks from the FSF talks about match day policing and stewarding.

Apparently there was a football match on Friday night, in Monaco, with the Uefa Super Cup at stake. Unfortunately, only one team turned up, and it wasn’t Chelsea. Chelsea were on the end of a proper spanking losing 4-1 to a talented and motivated Atletico Madrid side galvanized by on form striker Falcao. But at the end of the day, did it really matter? Surely there are more important games ahead, and after the weekend’s premier league fixtures Chelsea are still top of the league and the only unbeaten side in all four divisions. Either way, Robbie di Matteo and Eddie Newton will need to get their thinking caps on over the international break.

Our special guest is Amanda Jacks, a caseworker for the Football Supporters Federation and her role includes helping football fans who’ve been arrested or who have cause to complain about policing or stewarding. Amanda answers questions on policing and stewarding at football, and what your rights are, in the show.

We also review the defeat to Atletico Madrid, and as always, if we can find any, we’ll be awarding our match awards – the Fannies – for Man of the Match; Chant of the Match; Guinness and Celery moments.

Lauren will be giving us her Loan Report on all the Chelsea players currently on loan and to wrap up we answer your questions in ‘You’re on CFFC’ and we have an exciting competition in conjunction with sponsor Expose Designs where you can win a CPO share, talking of which…

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The Chelsea Football FanCast: Super Bad!

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4 responses to “Super Bad! – The Chelsea Football FanCast #214”

  1. Augustus Mens says:

    i think Chelsea is has made a real blunder to sell Raul,he plays far better than Mikel,he is able to win balls serge forward and score goals which Mikel don’t do any.I’m really disappointed with the decision of selling Raul and its really sad we cant also replace him until January transfer windows opens.I loved RDM soo much but if he is been sacked one day,he sacked himself for that nasty decision.I think Mikel is not our answer

  2. Makelo says:

    If i should b hapy 4 any reason,then i tink its becos of the last coment…Its time chelsea starts telin them selves d bitter truth,the truth dat wil actualy set them free,the truth dat coaches(like r.D.M) dnt knw hw to tell….Nd dat truth is….Lampard and mikel ar nt gud enough to be our dep lyin midfielders…Both on the blue days ar completely lost…Wait,wat am i even sayin?Both ar always lost ,i mean more often dan non,…Sombdy shuld let it go into mikel’s skul nd sink dat his funtion is nt only to mark nd defend,bt also to drible,move foward nd giv acurate passes,not givin bak passes(the one dat has cost us in the past) obviously it sems di mateo is nt ready to tell him dat…As 4 lamps,only God in heaven knws y romeo oriol dosnt play 4 chelsea ,yet we talk of youth policy,though barcelona knws he is no youth anymore….Thes two wooden objects shuld b meant to knw wat thy stand 4 in d chelsea squard..I dnt want to coment on ivanovic cos i hav sen ceasar play…His case wil b setld much more soner dan later..In all our team is doin gr8,bt am afraid bad decision nd choices mit cost r.D.M his 2years honey bag.

  3. Makelo says:

    May b i 4got to remind u guys dat….I love wat chelsea is doin in the ashly cole case…He shouldnt b given more dan 2years since berthrand already has 5years…He mit b d best left bank in the world,but dat didnt prevnt our own victor moses frm deleatin him 4rm the line against wigan…He mit b the best left back,bt we cant guarante that 4 long couple wit the fact dat we ar dealin wit a human here,who can get injurd or out of form…Givin him a 2year contract is ok,if he dosnt want it,then i can stil rememba stamford brigde has a gate or door,may b one of the staff ther should show him dat,he mit like it..Lol…In any case,if eva chelsea chairman should call abrahamovic on phone,the only urgent thing i knw thy should b discusing now, is planing a big SWOOP for falcao,weda 80 mil or 90mil,he should bought at al cost…..If u tink am bluffing, then as cech,nd probably luiz nd cahil,they can explain beter.