Date: 14th April 2015 at 12:44am
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Stamford Chidge is joined by Dr Mart, Dan Silver  to discuss the dogged last minute win against the embarrassing neighbours QPR.

4588503A horrible game but a great result best sums up Chelsea’s win in the Loftus Road toilet bowl. To be fair QPR made it tough for Chelsea with a bobbly pitch and their bobbly headed fans. But all the coin and bottle throwing couldn’t deny Chelsea another three points as they continue their march to the title. As for QPR, all their frothing at the mouth every time a Chelsea player touched the ball can’t hide the fact that they are and always have been a championship club and forever in Chelsea’s shadow. How can you put tickets for the biggest game of your season on General sale, and remember they only have a capacity of 18,000. West London is there’s? 10 blokes from Acton are you fucking sure? Good riddance to bad rubbish.

On the show tonight we’ll be kicking off with the ratings for the QPR game, awarding our man of the match and talking about Oscar, Hazard and Courtois.

After all that we’ll be asking whilst it’s all well and good digging out results, do we have enough in the tank to see out the season. We’ll also be saying good riddance to bad QPR rubbish.

To wrap up we’ll have the usual Chelsea FanCast round up.

Chelsea FanCast #315 ‘The Masked Avenger!’